International Dimension

In the future, digital technologies will have a significant impact on legal rules. The legal framework will need to be adapted, if not renewed, to improve the regulation of new technological developments.

An ambitious European project

The new rules that will be established, e.g. for self-driving vehicles, digital platforms, robotics, and artificial intelligence, will apply throughout Europe.

In addition, the Communication of 7 December 2018 (COM (2018) 795 final) stresses the need for Europe to address these issues and develop expertise in these areas.

Consequently, the creation of a network of European partner universities that have acquired expertise in the legal implications of digital technology is recognised as one of the major strategic challenges for Europe. The involvement of several teams in different EU Member States is essential to ensure that this work is not confined to the domestic law context, given that these technologies are inherently transnational.

TechLawClinics, by creating a Law Clinic in the experimental digital technology sector, will test identical problems in different legal environments and in different European countries, by developing a new educational and academic approach that breaks new ground in higher education.